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About Siem Reap

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Synoptic Biography

Dear Guests,Thank you for choosing to stay with us at the Golden Banana. I and my staff will do our utmost effort to ensure that you will experience the great Khmer culture and way of life during your visit in Cambodia, and that your holiday in Cambodia is as pleasant as possible. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Whatever you wish to do in Siem Reap and beyond, my staff are professionally trained, so please let them know your planned itinerary and they will arrange it for you.As a kid around 4 or 5 years old, I lost all members of my family during the reign of terror in the killing fields of Cambodia, the Khmer Rouges era from 17th April 1975 to 6th January 1979. In 1980s, I toddled along with other Cambodians heading toward the Thai and Cambodian Border – Poipet.Fortunately, under the Geneva Convention Children’s Rights, and thanks to the New Zealand Government and all the Kiwis, I was sponsored and taken care of the by the Social Welfare in New Zealand. I went to school in Auckland and completed my tertiary education in 1992 at Auckland University.While living in Auckland and studying, the language difficulties, food, weather and the Kiwis' way of life were constant difficulties for me. As an orphan refugee, I knew that getting a decent education was the only way to secure a good future, and that no one loves me more than I love myself.I had always dreamed and hoped that one day I would be able to return to Cambodia to enjoy and live a peaceful life and to be reunited with my people. Because of my orphanage background, I had always wanted to help other underprivileged young men and women. My wishes came true in 1993 when I first returned to Cambodian and started the Golden Banana business in 2003.At Golden Banana, I am very proud of my employment policy. Young men and women from distant provinces and villages, (some only get to see their family once a year because it takes more than one full day to reach their hometown) are not employed on the basis of their education. They are employed on the basis of their willingness to learn and eagerness to work, thus, giving them an opportunity to work and improve their living standard. I am very happy to see the staff’s personal development into responsible and productive citizens of Cambodia, a great contribution to the reconstruction of Cambodia. Your stay with us makes my dream a reality. All my staff are very eager to learn, especially talking to guest which can improve their English. On an informal basis, guests are welcome to talk to the staff and find out about their hometown and family background.On behalf of my staff, we would like to thank you again for staying with us and we look forward to hosting you and your friends in the future.Kee Chong Peung
Proprietor- Golden Banana Hotel