General information

Emergency Medical/Hospital

Should you require emergency healthcare, the Royal Angkor International Hospital is the best one in town. Please ask our staff and they will arrange to take you there or call an ambulance for you if necessary.

Free safety deposit boxes

We urge all guests to use the safety deposit box in their room. The owner will not be held liable for items locked in the safety deposit box. Unless it has been tampered or broken into.

Checking-in and Checking-Out

Checking-in can be done all day, and we try to have your room ready upon your arrival. If your room is not yet available, enjoy a swim in our pools or take a 5 short stroll to the Old Market.  Out staff will put your luggages into your room once it becomes available.

Checking-Out time is 12pm noon. If you need a late check-out, just tell our staff and they will try to make it possible for you. We charge a little extra for that. If it is not possible, you can leave your luggages at the reception.

Service / Feedback

My staff are carefully selected to assist you and make your stay an indelible memory. I have local well-trained managers who can take care of your questions and assist you during your visit in Cambodia. If there are things that don’t go as smoothly as you expected, please tell the staff, General Manager or contact me.

We do make mistakes sometimes. Unfortunately, even the management or owner can make mistakes. As time moves on, we learn more and more about the complexity of the tourism industry. Please do remember that our staff are trying to help you with their utmost efforts. However, in the Asian culture, it is sometimes difficult to say that you cannot do something for a guest or that you do not understand him or her.

Almost all staff go to school every day to improve their English in addition to their service and conversation with the guests, but even then sometimes the language and cultural barriers have to be overcome. Our staf and drivers are fantastic people and we love them. If you have questions or comments, please let me know so we can improve our services. Please drop the manager or owner a note in the Tip Box if you have any concerns or suggestions for improvement in our services. If things stay unclear, please ask the manager or owner and we will try to get things done the way you like. We sincerely apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may caused.

At Night

We hope all guests have a great time. Just remember that this is a local area and the locals go to bed early (and rise early – this is a legacy from the war when there was electricity). Please keep quite between 10pm and 7am in the morning. If you watch television or have a drink outside, please be quiet, some guests have to sleep to get up for sunrise or an early flight, and you do not want to impede their need for a good rest.

Siem Reap is one of the safest cities in Cambodia because tourism is one of the biggest income for Cambodia and so the government has made every effort to provide a safe environment for all tourists. But if you do not feel comfortable taking a walk to Golden Banana at night, just take a tuk-tuk to bring you anywhere. The price is around $2.00 or you can walk from the Pub Street to Golden Banana, taking about 5 minutes stroll. At Golden Banana, we have 24 hours security guards. You will meet four of them during the night shifts.


Begging is quite common in a poor country like Cambodia. Within Siem Reap town, you will not experience much about the real Cambodian family life. If you venture into a Cambodian village, you will discover the hospitality, poverty and the beauty of the Cambodian culture that make up one of the oldest civilization in South East Asia. When making a donation, please keep the following in mind:

Cambodia is a very poor country and there are not many government programs to support people with lost legs or arms, disabled children or orphans and pensioners. There were many NGO’s (Non Governmental Organisations) who have programs for them, but clearly they are not sufficient or they do not reach all those people in need.

  • Based on information from NGO’s support programs we would suggest that if you want to give, only give to older people. Do not give money to children, no matter how cute and sick they look. If you do, you are training them to become a lifetime beggar. The problem is that their parents force them to keep begging, making the situation worse. There are many programs that you can support that train children for a better future. A direct donation to pay for school fees and books is definitely a more sustainable assistance to which you can contribute.
  • You can also support programs in a local community. You can support a family by giving them a pig and food for the pig for a year (around $60.00), a new water pump ($150), a new sustainable house ($900) or a year’s school support for a child and their family ($140). Please ask my staff for details if you want to make a donation.
  • The Angkor Children’s Hospital and Kutha Bopha Hospital are the best institutions to donate blood, medical equipment and money. They provide free treatment for young people under 18 who travel a long way from their farming community. Some can take up to 2 days to get to the hospital.

Internet access

Golden Banana offers free internet access to all staying guests staying in the Bed & Breakfast section and the Boutique Hotel section.  You may use your own laptop, Android, iOS or Windows Mobile device.